Little Old Me

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Today I am going to talk a little about me. I usually hate talking about myself but lets do this guys!

As you know, my name is Julie, I am a very happily married mum of 3 grown up children/adults. How did that happen? I must have blinked. I cannot believe how fast they grew. I am also “Mum” to three amazing cats Hazel, Amber and Milo who have their own Instagram account hazelambermilo.

I have worked in retail since the age of 15, and after a bad fall at work I have been off due to my injury, During this time I am spending time on my personal development and mindset. I am and have been suffering from depression and anxiety for a long time and for the first time I feel I am getting a handle on it.

I have so many hopes and dreams for myself and my family for 2019 and created a vision board for that. I know now after reading books, cards, watching videos and podcasts etc that I am worthy and I can do anything I put my mind too.

What is different? Why now? Why do I want to release myself from my negative thoughts and negative self talk? Well, it no longer serves me. It has made me grow as a person and learn from the experiences and now it is high time it went. It is hard to focus on yourself and I am finding time for me at last too and without feeling the dreaded mum guilt that I am sure every mum/dad/parent feels.

I have also re-joined Slimming World so as well as getting my mental and emotional health under control I am dealing with physical too. And do you know what? It feels flipping amazing!!

As well as all this I am finding my spiritual side again after having it knocked badly by the sad loss of a very dear friend and the abuse I received from others who didn’t understand or want to know me due to my religious beliefs and practices. Now I am finding me again and I love it!

I also have a deep ever lasting love for ROCK music/Heavy Metal. Especially the amazing Guns N’ Roses. This love has never ceased and is a part of me lol.

I am married to one of the most amazing, awesome, loving, caring and compassionate husbands I could I ever wish for too. He has been so supportive and I wish everyone had a love like ours. He can be Mr Grumpy personified at times but hes my Mr Grumpy.

My family are my WHY, they are my reason for wanting to change my life for the better, why I get up and show up morning after morning, why I want to give them the best life ever. They are my world. Having a WHY is so important and I had lost sight of my why when I was bogged down with the day to day humdrum of life.

Changing my mindset has helped me so much and I have followed Mel Robbins program Mindset Reset and it has made such a huge difference to me. I no longer sleep with my mobile phone in my bedroom, I do deliberate thinking and think “this” instead of “that”. I get up when the alarm goes off, don’t hit that snooze button and catch myself if I start thinking negative self talk. Our limiting beliefs can have such a debilitating effect on us and our behaviours. I also do a 5 second journal every morning, a gratitude journal, a mood journal and Ferne Cottons Calm journal. I do love a good journal.

I also read everything I can to make my life better. I do love a good book! I am just reading Jen Sincero’s You are a badass at making money and doing these exercises in the book too are eye-opening.

So, that’s basically me in a nutshell. And for the first time ever I can say I like myself!

Lots of love

Julie xx

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