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Image may contain: textI am looking for fabulous new team members to join me as Body Shop At Home Consultants.. Could it be you?

Becoming a Body Shop At Home Consultant was something I was looking into for ages before I finally took the plunge and I do wish I had done it when I first thought about it.

I have always loved The Body Shop products, we all remember the iconic bath pearls from the 80s I am sure-  and getting my hands on these gorgeous products as a consultant is fantastic.

There are so many opportunities that becoming a Body Shop At Home consultant can give you. Whether it be extra income along with your full time or part time job, to build your self confidence and self esteem or to create a new career path for yourself.

This new venture has really helped me as I am suffering badly with depression and anxiety at the moment Having this to focus on has helped me no end.

I have been able to buy presents, treat myself and my family and even paid for me to have my ears pierced again. Tattoo next time. LOL.

If you are interested please just pop me a message or PM me on my VIP group. I would love to have you onboard and share this amazing journey with you.

Lots of love

Julie xxx


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