Good morning Sunday!

Well, I have been quite lacking in my blogging for the past few days.

It was my husbands’s works Christmas party on Wednesday night so it was nice to dress up a little bit. I really enjoyed myself too. 

Thursday we spent the day being lazy! Christmas 24 is my guilty pleasure at the moment.

Friday Mark was back at work so it was me on my lonesome but with three mad cats. Our son brought his cat Milo a catnip banana and it was hilarious to watch him with it.. then Amber the little black cat had a go too. Our downstairs looked like it had been burgled lol.They must have had loads of fun.

Amber has started to liking sitting in my Body Shop cupboard. I have a cupboard in the living room where I keep all my paperwork and packaging materials for sending off my Sample Club ladies samples. Bless her.

Saturday we went food shopping, the shop was packed as they had given out snow for our area… hmmm.. no snow here! Thankfully!!

Today is a day of rest especially for the hubby. I am just listening to a bit of Slash before he gets up! 

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday! 

Lots of love

Julie xx

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