Drops of Youth range- review

I am in love with the Drops of Youth range and use it daily in my new skincare routine.. 45 years of neglecting my skin and now.. BAM!

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This is before I started my morning skincare routine.

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First product used

I used the Drops of Youth- Youth liquid peel first to remove all dead skin cells and debris from my skin. This is something you can use once or twice a week and please do use it on dry skin!

The peel exfoliates your skin and leaves it leaving soft and clean. I love the smell of it. The drops of youth range is 100% vegan and it is enriched with three plant stem cells, edelweiss, sea holly and criste marine. This helps to combat the first signs of ageing and really does work! My fine lines have been dramatically reduced and one of my colleagues calls the youth concentrate Botex in a bottle.

I found that the peel removed so much- despite cleansing, toning and moisturising daily and using the Drops of Youth- bouncy sleep mask too.

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After using the peel

My skin feels fresher and lighter and I was so shocked to see how much did come off. Might have to do this before I go to Slimming World lol.

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2nd product used

After the peel I refreshed my skin with the Youth Concentrate Youth Essence Lotion.

This is a fabulous product and it was the first time that I had tried this one. It is like a gel but once out of the bottle it was more liquid. It felt amazing on my skin and I could seriously feel my skin sigh with relief! It felt that good!!

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After using the 2nd product

I do feel my skin felt and looked so much better. It felt so smooth!!

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3rd product used

I tried one of our new Youth concentrate sheet masks. As this is a new product I didn’t know what to expect but boy was I surprised. This is enriched with the youth concentrate and believe me there was ALOT of product on the mask. It felt divine.

I had never tried a sheet mask before so this was a surprise for me.

I loved it!!

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With the mask on

Shocking look I know but I wanted to show you all how easy it is to apply and I really cannot stress how lovely it felt. Not tight or anything! Just perfect!

I thought I had an after photo but I did a video instead!

Pop along to Beauty by Julie E on Facebook to see this.

I would seriously recommend these products to you all!!!

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