My weight loss journey

I have been overweight for the majority of my adult life. I just love my food and food is my crutch. It’s what I turn too when I feel down, upset, miserable even happy. I am such an emotional eater.

I have tried so many diets and fads going and nothing really worked. Well it worked for the first few months and then my depression crept in again and the negative self talk. So the pounds piled back on.

I decided enough was enough and at first I started doing a sponsored slim. Aimed for 2 stone, joined Slimming world with my daughter as she was doing so fab and I was doing so well then bam! I had a fall and that set me back.

But then I found an inner strength. I started working on my personal development and mindset and started looking after myself again Joining The Body Shop at home has helped me yoo as now I have a focus!.

I rejoined Slimming World and now I am feeling so much better. The groups help me and motivate me to do better. My weight might go up and down but I am determined to hit my target. So can you!

I do struggle with the exercise part but I will get there.

I just wanted you all to know that you can do anything that you put your mind too. You are worthy! You are good enough! You deserve it!

Lots of love

Julie xxx

How many products used today??

Good morning my beauties,

As you know I am obsessed with my Body Shop products and I do use them daily. I have found that they work for me.

I have a cold today so I haven’t done the whole skincare routine today but my basic routine is a shower which I used the Cactus Blossom scrub on my feet it really helps with my hard skin and its helping it so much. I adore the smell too and Satsuma shower gel. This smells so fruity. You do not need to use much either. It lathers up beautifully.

My go to skincare product I use is the Himalayan Charcoal purifying clay wash and it is fantastic. It goes on so well and makes my skin feel softer.

I use the Fuji Green Tea shampoo and conditioner on my hair which is so fresh and clean. My hair feels so soft and glossy.

I also use the Japanese Cherry Blossom roll on and I adore this scent.its so delicate. I have even used it on just shaved underarms and it did not aggravate it.

Usually I would do a whole skincare routine too but I have found just using the face wash works for me today.

I am going to start doing a Wake up Wednesday every week starting next week where I will be sharing which skincare products I am using this week.

Lots of love


Beauty by Julie E xxx

New month, fresh ideas!

A new month beckons and I think of spring cleaning. I dont know about you all.

I was thinking of making some changes to my group too and I am so excited about these changes!

Due to a change of circumstances I am focusing 100% on growing my business now and paramount to this is ensuring excellent customer service to all my customers.

So, what changes are going to be made?

I am going to introduce a Product of the week where I focus on a product and use this myself. I will share my reviews and results with you all.

I am going to offer more value to you all and share more information about the products too.

I am even going to learn how to take some better photos of the products too for you.

I am going to run the Member of the Month competition still for the member who interacts with the group the most.

A big change is going to be the VIP Sample Club. This is altering to personalised samples linked to items purchased. This will enable you to get the most out of the products too.

Also I would love it for my customers to start sharing reviews of the products so that we can all see real time results too.

Blogging about the products used is key to this. I want my group to be filled with informative, honest reviews and feedback. I would love to grow my customer base.

I am also going to be limiting the amount of competitions and fill the group with more information and quality posts.

The themed days will also be changing

Motivational Monday will be staying though as is

Top Tip Tuesday

Wellness Wednesday will become Wake Up Wednesday where I will share my morning skincare routine with you all or about the product of the week. Maybe live or photos and a blog post.

Treat Day Thursday will become Talk About Thursday where I will talk about products used and answer any questions or queries you may have. I can do this live if you want to join in.

Freebie Friday will become Fiver Friday with some money saving offers for you.

Skincare Saturday will become Special Offer Saturday where I will share offers, discounts and more with you.

Self care Sunday will become Surprise Me Sunday where I will share the Product of the week. Sharing before pictures with you all.

I will also be posting regular interactive posts good morning messages and hopefully I will try and go live more.

This is a positive step forward on my business journey and I am so excited to be sharing it with you all.

Lots of love

Julie xx

Beauty by Julie E xxx

My latest haul of goodies!

No photo description available.
What can I say but wow!!

My house is slowly being taken over by Body Shop goodies and it smells divine!
I received in my latest box the new special edition Cactus Blossom range. Oh my goodness!! It smells AMAZING! The Cactus Blossom range consists of Shower Gel, Body Butter, Body Yogurt, Body Scrub and Hand wash. It does smell fab! It has cactus flower extract from Morocco. I took my mum a hand wash to try and she loves it.

I have also treated myself to the Fuji Green Tea Shampoo Scrub. I thought it would be great to try that out too. It contains Japanese Green Tea, Mint, Menthol, salt crystals and Community Trade honey. It smells so fresh too! I am looking forward to trying it!

I have the face masks too as I am interested in multi masking. Which one to try??
Lots of love
Julie xx

Little Old Me

Image may contain: Julie Edwards, smiling, close-up

Today I am going to talk a little about me. I usually hate talking about myself but lets do this guys!

As you know, my name is Julie, I am a very happily married mum of 3 grown up children/adults. How did that happen? I must have blinked. I cannot believe how fast they grew. I am also “Mum” to three amazing cats Hazel, Amber and Milo who have their own Instagram account hazelambermilo.

I have worked in retail since the age of 15, and after a bad fall at work I have been off due to my injury, During this time I am spending time on my personal development and mindset. I am and have been suffering from depression and anxiety for a long time and for the first time I feel I am getting a handle on it.

I have so many hopes and dreams for myself and my family for 2019 and created a vision board for that. I know now after reading books, cards, watching videos and podcasts etc that I am worthy and I can do anything I put my mind too.

What is different? Why now? Why do I want to release myself from my negative thoughts and negative self talk? Well, it no longer serves me. It has made me grow as a person and learn from the experiences and now it is high time it went. It is hard to focus on yourself and I am finding time for me at last too and without feeling the dreaded mum guilt that I am sure every mum/dad/parent feels.

I have also re-joined Slimming World so as well as getting my mental and emotional health under control I am dealing with physical too. And do you know what? It feels flipping amazing!!

As well as all this I am finding my spiritual side again after having it knocked badly by the sad loss of a very dear friend and the abuse I received from others who didn’t understand or want to know me due to my religious beliefs and practices. Now I am finding me again and I love it!

I also have a deep ever lasting love for ROCK music/Heavy Metal. Especially the amazing Guns N’ Roses. This love has never ceased and is a part of me lol.

I am married to one of the most amazing, awesome, loving, caring and compassionate husbands I could I ever wish for too. He has been so supportive and I wish everyone had a love like ours. He can be Mr Grumpy personified at times but hes my Mr Grumpy.

My family are my WHY, they are my reason for wanting to change my life for the better, why I get up and show up morning after morning, why I want to give them the best life ever. They are my world. Having a WHY is so important and I had lost sight of my why when I was bogged down with the day to day humdrum of life.

Changing my mindset has helped me so much and I have followed Mel Robbins program Mindset Reset and it has made such a huge difference to me. I no longer sleep with my mobile phone in my bedroom, I do deliberate thinking and think “this” instead of “that”. I get up when the alarm goes off, don’t hit that snooze button and catch myself if I start thinking negative self talk. Our limiting beliefs can have such a debilitating effect on us and our behaviours. I also do a 5 second journal every morning, a gratitude journal, a mood journal and Ferne Cottons Calm journal. I do love a good journal.

I also read everything I can to make my life better. I do love a good book! I am just reading Jen Sincero’s You are a badass at making money and doing these exercises in the book too are eye-opening.

So, that’s basically me in a nutshell. And for the first time ever I can say I like myself!

Lots of love

Julie xx

Himalayan Charcoal- Purifying Clay Wash- Review

I tried the new Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Clay wash for 7 days both at morning and night and was not expecting my skin to have much improvement.

How wrong was I?

After trialling it on the first try I was shocked at how smooth my skin felt and looking in the mirror I noticed a huge improvement. It looked clearer too. Apart from my huge zit on my chin lol.

It smelt nicer than I expected too, charcoal I automatically think BBQ’s lol and even with the added tea tree I found it didn’t make my skin feel dried out or uncomfortable.

I thought trialling it for 7 days was a good time period to allow for a full review and I am continuing using it and also sent out samples of it to all my Sample Club members. Reviews back so far are all positives.

The tube is a decent size and it comes out easily. The colour is a grey colour but please don’t let that put you off. It goes onto your damp skin well and washes off great.

I am so shocked at how soft and fresh it looks and feels. I am a fan!

All reviews and opinions are honest and my own and I was not paid to promote this fabulous product.

If you do want to try a sample for yourself please pop along to my VIP group on Facebook Beauty by Julie E and sign up for my no obligation sample club!

Lots of love my beauties

Julie xx

Drops of Youth range- review

I am in love with the Drops of Youth range and use it daily in my new skincare routine.. 45 years of neglecting my skin and now.. BAM!

Image may contain: Julie Edwards, close-up
This is before I started my morning skincare routine.

No photo description available.
First product used

I used the Drops of Youth- Youth liquid peel first to remove all dead skin cells and debris from my skin. This is something you can use once or twice a week and please do use it on dry skin!

The peel exfoliates your skin and leaves it leaving soft and clean. I love the smell of it. The drops of youth range is 100% vegan and it is enriched with three plant stem cells, edelweiss, sea holly and criste marine. This helps to combat the first signs of ageing and really does work! My fine lines have been dramatically reduced and one of my colleagues calls the youth concentrate Botex in a bottle.

I found that the peel removed so much- despite cleansing, toning and moisturising daily and using the Drops of Youth- bouncy sleep mask too.

Image may contain: Julie Edwards, close-up and indoor
After using the peel

My skin feels fresher and lighter and I was so shocked to see how much did come off. Might have to do this before I go to Slimming World lol.

No photo description available.
2nd product used

After the peel I refreshed my skin with the Youth Concentrate Youth Essence Lotion.

This is a fabulous product and it was the first time that I had tried this one. It is like a gel but once out of the bottle it was more liquid. It felt amazing on my skin and I could seriously feel my skin sigh with relief! It felt that good!!

Image may contain: Julie Edwards, close-up
After using the 2nd product

I do feel my skin felt and looked so much better. It felt so smooth!!

No photo description available.
3rd product used

I tried one of our new Youth concentrate sheet masks. As this is a new product I didn’t know what to expect but boy was I surprised. This is enriched with the youth concentrate and believe me there was ALOT of product on the mask. It felt divine.

I had never tried a sheet mask before so this was a surprise for me.

I loved it!!

Image may contain: 1 person, close-up
With the mask on

Shocking look I know but I wanted to show you all how easy it is to apply and I really cannot stress how lovely it felt. Not tight or anything! Just perfect!

I thought I had an after photo but I did a video instead!

Pop along to Beauty by Julie E on Facebook to see this.

I would seriously recommend these products to you all!!!

So happy with my skin (at last!)

Image may contain: Julie Edwards, smiling, close-up

Wow wow wow!

I admit at the age of 45, I have not being taking good care of my skin if at all. All these adverts showing skincare products never excited me… that was until I took the plunge and became a Body Shop At Home Consultant.

I have been using the aloe vera calming cleanser, toner and moisture cream daily and using the Drops of Youth Youth bouncy sleeping mask at a evening and also using the Drops of Youth premium range during the day.

The Drops of Youth range contains 3 plant stem cells from Edelweiss, Criste Marine and Sea Holly. These plants are rejuvenating and believe me they do work!! And an added plus is they smell amazing!!

I would highly recommend this range to everyone. It is just fab!!!


Wow. That festive period went really quick and now the new year is upon us.

I hope that you all had a fabulous time. I certainly did despite struggling with my depression alot.

So here we are with fresh pages to write. And this year I have so many goals to reach. I am determined to do it too.

I am spending a lot of time working on my personal development and mindset. I am trying positive thinking and I do believe it is working. I am journalling and keeping a gratitude journal too.

In regards Beauty by Julie E- we have some fabulous new products launching and with it being the 25th anniversary of the Body Shop at home too it is such an exciting time to be a part of the business.

I have been trying a new product for me anyway, it is the Drops Of Youth-Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask Oh My! It feels amazing and smells divine and my skin has never felt or looked as good. I would highly recommend it.

Image may contain: make-up

Pop along to Beauty by Julie E on Facebook to take a look at the new catalogue.

You would not be disappointed,

Lots of love

Julie xxx